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Buckeye Fancy Feather Show

Back in from the Buckeye Fancy Feather Show in Canfield Ohio. M&M had a good day with Matt heading over with Cam Cosart and Tylor Murray for a great day of Poultry showing. Mike stayed up in Toledo looking after his son Brysen, who is still in the hospital recovering.

We had Best AOCCL on a homegrown White Chantecler Bantam Cockerel. Many thanks to Anthony Ashley for the start in them. BV-RV in Black and White Cochin Bantams,RV Mottled Cochin bantam, RV Buff Cochin bantam, BB Ancona Bantam and placed a few Wheaten OEG Bantams.

Great to see old friends and make a few new ones. Nothing better than a day at a Poultry show for sure. I have been to Canfield off and on since the 1970’s and always enjoy the show and the trip over to the Eastern part of God’s Country the Indians called Ohio! See y’all at Marion County Indiana in a few weeks!

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