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Incubators for Sale

I (Matt) have a few incubators for sale as I need to make some room.

SOLD #1 is an original Humidaire #20. Currently going thru it and verifying everything works as it should. Will come with a calibration thermometer. $400 firm, pm me on Facebook for more info and yes the original turner still works!

SOLD #2 is a combination deal. Humidaire 20 Setter and a Humidaire 21 hatcher. Both converted to Incubator warehouse digital controls and fans. 20 has a new turner motor that runs off the controller from incubator warehouse. Both have new stainless water pans and the heater bars removed. Both will have calibration thermometers in them. Hatched all my chicks in the 21 this year and it works great. Has two large hatching trays as it was designed for ostrich eggs. $1000 for both.

SOLD – The last is a Rite Farms 256. Just got it this year and set all my eggs in it. In fact there are eggs still in it. Works great, keeps humidity and temp like no other. Cones with 5 gallon water supply and calibration thermometer. Everyone asks why are you selling it? Frankly it works great and love the design, it is just too big for my needs. I have used only 1/3 of the three hatching trays and it’s silly to run this beast for no more eggs than I hatch. They are now $949 without the water supply and calibration thermometer, $800.

Prices are firm, don’t have to sell any of them. No shipping but can deliver if prepaid to the many fall show we are either judging or exhibiting at. Any questions, message Matt on Facebook or email If you are close, you are welcome to come and see them by appointment only.

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