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Great time at the ABA National!

Enjoyed our trip to the ABA National in Knoxville Tennessee at the historic Dixie Classic! We were blessed to win Champion Feather Leg Bantam with a White Cochin Bantam Cockerel and RV White Cochin Bantam on the 2nd place Cockerel. We had BB-RB Chantecler Bantam on a White Cock and Cockerel. Placed a few Wheaten OEG bantams and Partridge Wyandotte Bantams in some awesome classes! Congratulations to Emily Shoop on passing her ABA Judges test and welcome to the bantam judging world. Congratulations to our Florida friends, Billy Grooms on Best of Show with a fantastic Wheaten OEG Bantam Cockerel and to the Sebright Master Tom Carey on a beautiful Golden female! Always great to visit the Dixie Classic and see our friends in the South! See y’all at Lake City, Newnan and Columbia Mississippi in January! We will both be officially retired by then and let the Shenanigans begin! Matt and Mike. PS: Let’s Go Brandon #FJB


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