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Weekly Rants

My bot tells me it’s time for another post. Couple things that irk me on the Facebook sites.

Folks helping their birds hatch. This is detrimental to the breed. If it cannot hatch it’s own, there is a genetic problem that needs addressed, that’s it. You will breed them out of existence like so many Pigeon breeds that now only reproduce through the use of foster parents. Won’t do or condone it.

High protein diets reduce the longevity and productivity of the birds. Anything more that 16-18% protein for adult birds is passed out anyway and does damage to the kidneys. Seen it in my Moderns and a few other breeds.

Breeding correct blue color. Many that think it’s ok to cross out to pure blacks to improve type so they soon realize they lose whatever true Andalusian color they had. This produces a bunch of cull blues. Blue Andalusians carry the correct color because there isn’t anything to cross out to that will mess them up. Those that crossed to Black Minorcas soon found that out.

That’s it for this week. Nice to get out and fill the swim pans for the Calls and Indies, they loved it, over 49 here for a few days so they get to swim.


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