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Sunday Blog Post Time

Says it’s time to put up a post, not too interested in the Super Bowl so here it goes.

It’s yearbook time already, so individuals and breed clubs should be thinking about their ads for the 2023 ABA and APA Yearbook!

Why advertise in the Yearbooks? The yearbooks are like a time stamp of the exhibition poultry fancy for that year. I collect them and it’s great to go back thru the old issues and see who did what. It helps the clubs and helps you get your name out there Breeds clubs that have an impact on the fancy always have ads in both books. You can tell the quality of a breed club by how they are presented in the Yearbooks!

I feel the same way about the Poultry Press. I support them whenever I can and if we don’t support them they will cease to exist. A old timer once said that a certain portion of your success in this hobby is directly related to how well you market it. Yearbooks, Poultry Press, Websites, Breed Clubs and to a limited extent, Social Media are all opportunities to get yourself out there and noticed.

The big 150th APA Anniversary Show is coming in November at The Ohio National in Columbus, Ohio. It’s a 3 day show and many newer folks have never been to a 3 day show. All birds must be cooped in on Friday by 9:00am and judging will start. About 1/2 will be judged on Fri and the other 1/2 on Saturday. There will be a banquet on the Fairgrounds hosted by the APA on Saturday night. Champions will be picked starting at 9:00am on Sunday and birds will be released after the awards ceremony. I have been to all the big shows since the early 1970’s and it’s a busy weekend and you never get to do all you had planned to do or see everything you want to see. More rooms are pre reserved than ever before so looking forward to a historic show not likely to be repeated for quite a while

The Ohio State Fair will be at the end of July and first of August. Last year was my first year showing and I highly recommend anyone near to think about exhibiting at the fair! , Clell, Newt, Bill and crew do a fantastic job caring for the birds and a new twist this year, they will have a Double Show. The first show will be for the traditional fair premiums and the second show will be for ABA and APA points. This is one of the largest State Fairs in the US and always a great show and event. Watch the M&M Facebook page for more information!

Hope everyone has the incubators cranking and chicks in the brooders. I am looking forward to a busy show season!

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  1. The Ohio State Fair also has an outstanding Junior Fair show following the Open show. For those with kids that show poultry through 4-H or FFA, the Ohio State Fair is an excellent educational opportunity and is very enjoyable in which to participate. The same individuals do an exceptional job with the show and for the kids. My 3 kids actually like showing at the State Fair more than at our country fair. It has definitely been worth the effort for us to show in Columbus.

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