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Sunday Blog Time

Says it’s time to write again. I have been working on a project for the American Bantam Association which entails editing and some updating of Fred Jeffery’s book Bantam Chickens. I bought this book about 1975 and it is the most read and referenced book I own. It sold out of publication a few years back and it was decided it needed to be updated with some new data but I am careful to keep Fred’s original intent intact. I was amazed at how much the birds and hobby has changed since Fred originally wrote this book. I am trying to contrast the birds from the early 1970’s with those of today with a picture from back then and one from today. I am adding in some new breeds that were accepted after the book’s publication. It is over 400 pages and was typeset in an old typewriter type format. We are updating it to a new publishing format and font so I think it’s easier to read and follow. I hope to get it done at the end of March and my goal is to get it published in a hard copy which will be the 3rd Edition and also get it published as an Ebook. Lots of work and tedious formatting but I enjoy that kind of thing.

Mike Sayre, Tom Roebuck, Jeff Duguay and I are collaborating on a book on Cochin Bantams and Large Fowl. We are making some progress and look forward to the final project. There are so few good current publications for our hobby and with all the new folks coming in there is a need and demand for sound advice and knowledge. I am the champion of free and unsolicited advice and with the advent of social media, I now have to bite my lip and not speak my mind on some topics. I find that real breeders and exhibition poultry fanciers are few and far between but there are many internet experts with zero credibility.

Got some NB White Polish Bantam Chicks hatching this week for the first time this year. I am very happy with the Chantecler projects and have slowed their hatching down and going to focus on Cochins and Polish. Call ducks and Indies will be laying soon so that will start as well. Spring is not far off and planning on Greenville, Moon City, and Saulk Trail shows this spring if the good Lord is willing!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Blog Time

  1. Kudos to you for taking on this project. Fred’s book is a classic and I know your work on this new edition will make it even better.

  2. I look forward to reading the book when it comes out!

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