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Got a new phone

I got a new phone and had to restore my old stuff so I am a bit behind on my blog posts.

Last year at the Ohio State Fair, we came up with a new formula for exhibition poultry based on the ADM Enerpro Layer. I thank the folks at ADM for listening to our needs and wants and proving a fantastic solution. It was a custom blend and I was very happy with the final product as were several of my feed customers. It was called ADM M&M Marigold Layer. It has Animal Proteins and Marigold extract added to it and is a micro pellet. Several customers had exceptional results getting birds to lay, feathering out well, and my egg laying customers say the eggs taste better! I believe this is because of the addition of animal proteins. Chickens do not do well on all plant based protein feeds and when the mills switched to this nonsense several years ago, I found it very hard to get a bird in top show condition. This formula is the best feed formulation I have used since the old Kent Multiflock formula in the 1990’s. I started in the early 1970’s, helping my great great Uncle Fred with his laying flocks. We ground feed on an old Ford 8N Tractor using a formula he derived and made into a mash. When Ohio Farmers came out with a layer crumble bagged feed in the late 1970’s, I thought it was the greatest stuff ever invented. Over the years, I fed and tried several brands and formulas and this is the best to date. I am proud to announce ADM has given it an official brand code and will soon be offering it as ADM Marigold Layer. I hope it becomes available in more places for customers to try out.

A couple things I learned about feed over the years is more protein is of no benefit to the birds and is very hard on their kidneys and longevity. Over a certain amount, about 18%, they will simply pass it out and continuously feeding it is hard on their system. The proper amino acid balance (Lysine and Methionine) is very important as well along with correct calcium, fat and fiber levels. I believe ADM Marigold Layer is the correct formula for our show birds and home layer folks and my customers will testify to the results they get with it.

ADM Marigold Layer

Another thing I found while experimenting with my own flock is that ADM Meat Maker is an exceptional product designed to take meat birds from start to finish. I tried a bag as a starter grower feed for my birds, bantams, bantam ducks and Beltsville Turkeys. I was so impressed with the results that it is all I use for a starter grower and have several customers using it as well.

ADM Meat Maker
ADM Meat Maker tag

You will notice it only has plant based protein but the results seem to show that this works well to get them started and growing and after about 3-4 months, I switch them to ADM Marigold Layer. It also is non-medicated so if coccidiosis is an issue in your chickens, you will need to run Corid in their water the first couple weeks.

I will have my feed booth at the Dayton Fancy Feather Show in Greenville, OH, Moon City Show in Wapakoneta, OH and again at the Ohio State Fair to discuss your feed needs and issues. That’s it for now, good luck with your hatches and hope to see you at the shows and fairs

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  1. I’m using both products, and very happy with the results! This will be my main poultry feed going forward

    1. Look forward to seeing those Brahmas finished out on ADM feed!

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