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Day late

A little behind on my blog posts but here it goes for this week. 16 1/2 years working for P&G, I learned one important thing, continuous improvement. Our job was to make the product and work processes better and we were tracked on what we did and when.

I applied this mentally to my poultry hobby a few years ago because when you are in continuous improvement mode, things get better and more efficient. That is why P&G products are #1 in the world in all markets they compete in, they don’t accept less.

I had been at this crazy hobby for about 50 years and pretty set in my ways. I soon realized there were better and more efficient ways of doing things and the “that’s the way I always did it” mentality was holding me back

Whether it was feed and feeding, housing, watering methods, supplements, incubation, pest control and general husbandry, there were better ways to do it than the way I always did it.

A lot of trial and error on my part but that was actually kinda fun. Mike Sayre can testify as I have tried nearly every feeding, watering and incubation device ever made and he usually gets the scrapped projects to use.

The main thing to take away from my ramblings is that there is always a better way to do things. Don’t get complacent and set in your ways. Use technology and new ideas to your advantage. Strive to make everything in the hobby better than it is today and you will enjoy it more. Complacency is the first step to obsolescence!

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