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Happy Easter

Doing my blog a little early this week since it’s the Easter Holiday weekend. Mike and I are headed to the White River Show in Spencer, Indiana on Saturday just to visit and pickup some birds.

I am going to share a secret with all our followers that our feed customers already know about. Last year, I sold all the chick starter I had in stock and I needed something for my own chicks to eat till I got over to the mill to reload. I grabbed a bag of ADM Pen Pals Meat Maker as I see it to my broiler customers as a fantastic start to finish feed for meat birds. I was amazed at how all my bantam chicks, call ducklings and turkey poults went after it. They loved it and wasted very little which is very unusual for babies. I started feeding it exclusively to the day olds and was pleased with the results I got in all species. I started telling my customers what a great starter grower feed this stuff was and soon everyone was using it. I will let them tell you how well they like but Mike and I love it and we will see many champions this fall that were fed this I am sure. If you have ADM feed available, I highly recommend it. We carry it as our only Starter Grower feed. It is non-medicated so if you have issues you will have to run Corid in the water for chickens. 6ml or .2 oz per gallon of water is the dosage I recommend and do not use on waterfowl. Have a great Easter weekend and hope to see some of you at White River!

Matt Lhamon

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