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In from the Dayton Fancy Feather Show

I had another great weekend at the Dayton Fancy Feather Show in Greenville Ohio. No big wins but it’s not always about that. Seen lots of old friends and made a few new ones! Sold lots of ADM Feed.

I believe my first time at Greenville was in 1973. It was the second show I attended and it was after the Ohio National in 1972. I thought all shows were like the Ohio National.

I was lucky enough to meet some of the legends of poultry that were involved with that show, Karl Pappert, Grant Malone. Jack Mundhenk and many others over the years. The show back in those days used to be the first weekend in June, a big graduation weekend. When I graduated from High School in 1977, I graduated on Friday night and showed Cochin and Wyandotte Bantams at Greenville on Saturday and Sunday. I have been to just about everyone since then. In the mid 1990’s, they moved the show to the 3rd weekend in April to get away from the graduation weekend and it’s been there ever since.

I plan to attend Moon City in two weeks and Saulk Trail on Memorial Day weekend. The I will Judge the Canfield Show the first part of June and that will be it till fair season.

Last batch of chickens going into the incubator tomorrow, may still set a few more call duck eggs but has been a real good year on most breeds.

Hope everyone has a good spring show season on hopefully a great summer and fall season!

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