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Why do we do this?

Hello everyone this is Mike as Matt posted in an earlier blog we were at the Dayton Fancy Feather Show this past weekend and had a great time although we didn’t have a great time with the placing of our birds and it got me thinking about what we do for a hobby.

I know that ultimately the idea is to win, but that being said that is just temporary but if you get to see old friends and we have a lot of those having done this for over 50 years, and making new one’s well that’s the value in our hobby. Folks when it comes down to it, they are just chickens, or ducks or geese or whatever but the people are the reason for going not the points or ribbons or trophy’s etc. It’s the relationships, the laughing, hand shaking, hugging, talking enjoying each other’s company….not what the opinion of one person passing judgement at a moment in time on a feathered animal.

We started showing poultry at a different time long ago, we went to the bull sessions where the “big time” breeders held court, enjoying various beverages and talking things over, we listened….then maybe next time asked a question or 2 and listened to the answer…in time we earned their respect. It was a great time to be alive and involved in the fancy, there were no points awarded just folks of a like mind from all walks of life with a common interest. This still exists if YOU want it to….this as everything in life is what you make it. Choose wisely, be as serious as you can getting them hatched,raised, conditioned etc. Put them in the cage knowing you have done all you can then let it go. Find some folks, have a meal, have a beverage, talk, laugh, cry whatever but make connections no matter what happens in the judging arena have fun. You will have prospered more than you can imagine. Keep smiling and if you see a couple of old guys from Ohio holding court and enjoying themselves come on up and join, that my friends is the truly wonderful part of out hobby.

More later, see you all somewhere down the line.


2 thoughts on “Why do we do this?

  1. Very well said Mike. I started in poultry having similar experiences to you and Matt. I truly miss those days and experiences.

    1. Rip there is no reason that it cannot be somewhat that way again…we will try .

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