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Blog time

Hope all are well and Mike and I are coming off the win and show of a Lifetime. We have done a lot of things the past 25 years of showing as M&M Exhibition Poultry. We were able to win show champions at both shows at the Moon City Show in Wapakoneta,OH on two different White Cochin Bantam pullets.

I was over selling feed and not paying attention . I was both honored and shocked. Many thanks to the great crew of Judges and to Leisha, Stephanie and crew for all their hard work and efficiently putting on a great double show.

Our protege, Cam Cosart, did well in the Junior show as he exhibited the best Barred Rock pullet I have ever handled. I am glad he wasn’t in the open show. He won Champion of Both Junior Shows which was a fantastic accomplishment for him.

I told Cam a few years ago, never expect anything at a poultry or pigeon show and you will never be disappointed. He has that attitude at every show win or lose and is a great kid crazy about the hobby.

We have had a week off and now it’s time to get the string ready for their last show of the spring, Saulk Trail in Hillsdale MI. Kraig Shafer, Cam and I are heading up on Friday and always enjoy this show. The Gabbard’s work very hard to put on a great show following in the old Lucasville traditions of Memorial Day. Mike and Terry Sayre have their anniversary that weekend and for quite a few years she left him off to go to Lucasville,this year he is taking her on a holiday in Kentucky.

Have a great week, Memorial Day weekend and we will be back next week with another report.

Matt Lhamon

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