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Saulk Trail Show

For many years, I spent Memorial Day weekend at the Southern Ohio Poultry Breeders Show in Lucasville, Ohio. The last few years, I have attended the Saulk Trail Poultry Show on Memorial Day weekend in Hillsdale, MI once Southern Ohio quit having their show.

A well run show with great judges makes for a fantastic weekend. Kudos to the Gabbard’s and crew for their hard work and making an enjoyable weekend for the exhibitors. It’s always a thankless job but I appreciate all the hard work and sacrifices you make for this crazy hobby.

Kraig Shafer, Cam Cosart and I headed up on Friday and got there a bit early so we pitched in and helped do whatever was needed. We got the birds in and tended to and talked some and headed to the hotel for some dinner and rest.

Cam was blessed with Champion and Reserve SCCL in both shows on a White Plymouth Rock Hen as Champion and a Barred pullet as Reserve. He won Reserve Bantam in one show and was thrilled to clerk for Paul Monteith all day.

M&M was blessed with RB in both Shows on a White Cochin Bantam pullet, same bird this time and it was her first show. Congrats to Matt McCammon on BB and Best FL with some nice blacks and he won Best of one Show with a hen.

We were also blessed with Reserve Bantam in the White Card Show and Champion AOCCL on a White Chantecler. She was Reserve AOCCL in the other show. We have been working hard on these Chanteclers the last several years and it’s satisfying to see them come to the top!

Another pleasant surprise was Best Modern Bantam in the White Card Show on a Birchen pullet. We are back in Moderns once again thanks to Jeff Duguay from Louisiana. This bird was straight from Jeff and I like his style of Moderns!

Please consider spending your Memorial Day weekend next year in Hillsdale MI, you won’t be disappointed! Have a super Holiday weekend and we are resting up till the Big Ohio State Fair double show this summer! Keep Mike Sayre in your prayers on the passing of his Mother, Janet, last week. He and Terry had an anniversary this weekend as well so wish them the best!



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