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Fair Time is Coming!

The spring shows are all done for us and it’s time to think about the fair shows. Most of us got our first exposure to exhibition poultry at a county or state fair and I encourage everyone to support them and promote our hobby!

Last year was my first time that I was able to exhibit at the Ohio State Fair and we had a wonderful time. Our birds were well cared for by the fair staff and we enjoyed meeting up with both old and new friends.

This year they are adding a new feature, a double show. The first show is for the great fair premiums and the second show is for ABA and APA points. If you have never been there as an exhibitor, I highly recommend bringing your birds! Competition is very keen and as good as any open poultry show so bring the best!

They always have a great lineup of some of the top judges in the US and many top breeders make this a show they won’t miss. Come on over to Columbus Ohio, the end of July and check it out. Entries close June 21st and that is not far away. The link to the fair info is above and this will be our summer warm up show to get prepped for the big APA 150th Anniversary Show in November at the same fairgrounds! Hope the birds are growing out well and hope to see you at the fair!

Matt Lhamon

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