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2023 Ohio National

I rested up some from a 4 day exhibition poultry extravaganza at the Ohio National. It was the APA National and their 150th Anniversary Show.

Kudos and hats off to the Ohio National staff and crew and the APA Officers and Directors for a job well done and a historic and memorable weekend.

I was busy judging the Junior Large Fowl on Friday and we got the Champions picked around 9:30 on Saturday so it left the rest of the day to talk to both old and new friends and check out the birds.

I really enjoyed the banquet on Saturday and it was very well done. I am not a fan of banquets but was glad I went. I also enjoyed the new selection of Champions format they used this year. Hats off to Dan Castle and Jeff Halbach for the informative and thorough evaluation of all the class champions.

One of the real highlights was the opportunity to purchase some original Schilling Partridge Cochin Large Fowl paintings from the APA Standard of Perfection many years ago. I have the pics below and couldn’t resist as I also have an original Sewell of Large Fowl Partridge Cochins.

Also a few photos from the banquet as several dressed up in period costumes and had a good time!

I have been to most of the big shows in my 54 years in the hobby and I believe this was my favorite one of all time. Just a relaxed and enjoyable weekend with my Poultry friends and family. I should know better than to drink with our Canadian friends, but we had some fun almost every night.

I need to rest up as Knoxville and Shawnee OK are coming up and plan to be at both!


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