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New for 2023

We will be offering started chicks and hatching eggs in 2023, available at the farm or shows we attend. We will ship hatching eggs if possible!

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Winter Video

I was working outside in the barn today and did a video showing my heater, Hatching Time Cimuka Brooders and some new feeders I made. Several folks requested this and finally had some time today! Links to all the sources will be below this post.


Hatching Time Brooders

DYI Self Feeders

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Great time at the ABA National!

Enjoyed our trip to the ABA National in Knoxville Tennessee at the historic Dixie Classic! We were blessed to win Champion Feather Leg Bantam with a White Cochin Bantam Cockerel and RV White Cochin Bantam on the 2nd place Cockerel. We had BB-RB Chantecler Bantam on a White Cock and Cockerel. Placed a few Wheaten OEG bantams and Partridge Wyandotte Bantams in some awesome classes! Congratulations to Emily Shoop on passing her ABA Judges test and welcome to the bantam judging world. Congratulations to our Florida friends, Billy Grooms on Best of Show with a fantastic Wheaten OEG Bantam Cockerel and to the Sebright Master Tom Carey on a beautiful Golden female! Always great to visit the Dixie Classic and see our friends in the South! See y’all at Lake City, Newnan and Columbia Mississippi in January! We will both be officially retired by then and let the Shenanigans begin! Matt and Mike. PS: Let’s Go Brandon #FJB


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Pyncheon Bantam Project!

photo by Diane Jacky!

I am working on a Pyncheon Bantam Project along with the Heritage Poultry Conservancy. It appears they are very rare and near extinction. I have contacted all know breeders but no success obtaining any starter stock. I did order some chicks from Welp Hatchery to get going but they will need some work. Any information or help is appreciated. I remember Rev. Hoying showed them at the Dayton Fancy Feather Show in the 1970’s and always enjoyed his stories about them! Message Matt on Facebook or email me at! Thanks in advance!

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Incubators for Sale

I (Matt) have a few incubators for sale as I need to make some room.

SOLD #1 is an original Humidaire #20. Currently going thru it and verifying everything works as it should. Will come with a calibration thermometer. $400 firm, pm me on Facebook for more info and yes the original turner still works!

SOLD #2 is a combination deal. Humidaire 20 Setter and a Humidaire 21 hatcher. Both converted to Incubator warehouse digital controls and fans. 20 has a new turner motor that runs off the controller from incubator warehouse. Both have new stainless water pans and the heater bars removed. Both will have calibration thermometers in them. Hatched all my chicks in the 21 this year and it works great. Has two large hatching trays as it was designed for ostrich eggs. $1000 for both.

SOLD – The last is a Rite Farms 256. Just got it this year and set all my eggs in it. In fact there are eggs still in it. Works great, keeps humidity and temp like no other. Cones with 5 gallon water supply and calibration thermometer. Everyone asks why are you selling it? Frankly it works great and love the design, it is just too big for my needs. I have used only 1/3 of the three hatching trays and it’s silly to run this beast for no more eggs than I hatch. They are now $949 without the water supply and calibration thermometer, $800.

Prices are firm, don’t have to sell any of them. No shipping but can deliver if prepaid to the many fall show we are either judging or exhibiting at. Any questions, message Matt on Facebook or email If you are close, you are welcome to come and see them by appointment only.

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Few recent observations.

If you can not invest in a Standard Of Perfection, you should probably not be breeding exhibition poultry. Same goes for not being a member of the APA or ABA or subscribing to the Poultry Press. I know this fast paced information system we now have wants it all for free, but sometimes it takes an investment to get started.

I seen this graphic on friend Greg Michael’s Michaels Line Polish site and thought it pretty much summed up the difference between breeding and buying breeders.

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Feed Update

Wanted to update everyone on the feed situation. We currently are continuing on with Frontview feeds and will pick up an order this week. We ordered some Show Conditioner pellets for those wanting to try them out.

We have an agreement in the works to also distribute the ADM line of Poultry, Gamebird and Rabbit feed. Check out their website at

We have tested Hubbard, Blue Bonnet and Kalmbach and decided that was not the way to go. We are waiting on a new line of feed designed for and by Exhibition Poultry breeders to come out and will update as we test their formulas for our reviews!

We are always looking for new and better ways to feed our show birds and enjoy passing on our reviews to those that are interested!

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Buckeye Fancy Feather Show

Back in from the Buckeye Fancy Feather Show in Canfield Ohio. M&M had a good day with Matt heading over with Cam Cosart and Tylor Murray for a great day of Poultry showing. Mike stayed up in Toledo looking after his son Brysen, who is still in the hospital recovering.

We had Best AOCCL on a homegrown White Chantecler Bantam Cockerel. Many thanks to Anthony Ashley for the start in them. BV-RV in Black and White Cochin Bantams,RV Mottled Cochin bantam, RV Buff Cochin bantam, BB Ancona Bantam and placed a few Wheaten OEG Bantams.

Great to see old friends and make a few new ones. Nothing better than a day at a Poultry show for sure. I have been to Canfield off and on since the 1970’s and always enjoy the show and the trip over to the Eastern part of God’s Country the Indians called Ohio! See y’all at Marion County Indiana in a few weeks!