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Matt’s 2021 Projects

My main focus for the last several years has been White and Partridge Cochin Bantams and I will still hatch a limited amount of those later in the spring.
My projects for this year are quite varied. I have added some exceptional White Chantecler Bantams from Anthony Ashley and have several hatched out already. Very neat and unique breed, easy to work with and very hardy. I just added Buff Chantecler Bantams from Tom Carey and look forward to working on and improving this rare and beautiful variety of Chantecler. I already have a Buff hen crossed to my best White Cockerel.
Mike and I trade projects back and forth. When one gets tired or bored, the other takes over. He brought me some exceptional Silver Sebrights from several different sources. It has been years since we raised Sebrights and the frustration and struggles hatching and raising them are still there. I do have one chick out early and now they moulted and quit laying. I plan to hatch a few and see what I can do as they are beautiful birds.
We have been working on Buff Cochin Bantam crosses and Mike produced what we call Skittles. Mixed up color patterns with fantastic type as they came from crosses with our black and white lines. Some of these Silver based Skittles were saved for a recreation of Silver Pencilled Cochin Bantams. I have two breeding pens setup, Skittle male with great type over pure Partridge Cochin Bantam hens and a pure Partridge male over two Skittle hens. I would like about 50 chicks to sort the best Silver Pencilled looking chicks out.
Last project was somewhat of an accident. Our friend and traveling partner, Jonathon Patterson, wanted to disperse his Light Brahma bantam flock. Mike happened to be at his place and Jonathan offered him some. Mike picked out a dandy pair and brought them home. The male got a little agressive so he wanted to get rid of them and I agreeded to take them. Been many years since I have had bantam Light Brahmas but these are two of the best examples of the breed I have seen in quite awhile. The pullet is the best colored Light Female I have ever handled and the male looks like he walked out of the Large Fowl Schilling painting. For chuckles I showed them at the Florida Sunshine Classic in Lake City a week ago. Pullet was 1st pullet in both shows in a very stiff class. Cockerel was 2nd in one show and BB, Reserve Featherleg in the second show under Master Brahma breeder and Judge Brian Knox. I have fertility and eggs in the incubator from this exceptional mating. I will see what happens. That’s our status and projects for 2021 in bantams, still breeding Frillbacks, West of England Tumblers, Chinese Owls and German Beauty Homer Exhibition Pigeons just for the fun of it. I win at a few shows with them. Have a great 2021 and hope to see you at the shows!
Matt Lhamon

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The start of it all…..

Mike Sayre and Matt Lhamon first met in the early 1970’s when a mutual friend, F. Clay Dove introduced us at a visit to Mike’s house in Holland, OH to check out his Cochin and Wyandotte chickens. Our twisted and warped personalities meshed and we have been friends ever since.

After the biggest show of all time, the great 1998 Ohio National, we decided to join forces and show as a partnership founding M&M Exhibition Poultry. We have been at it ever since breeding, exhibiting and judging poultry all over the US with visits to Canada and Bermuda.

We have bred countless breeds and varieties over the years and the study never ends! We have helped many a fancier, both old and new, and truly enjoy our hobby with a very busy schedule both judging and exhibiting all over the World!

We hope you enjoy this site as we are transitioning from social media to this format that contains less regulations about bird breeding and sales!

Matt & Mikey